Question about Whey Protein Supplement and Peyronie's treatment

Hello Dr. Herazy,

I avoid mild and eggs and soy products so that I can further help my body heal my Peyronie’s issue. However, I enjoyed the body building benefits of these foods and now I am in search of a body building product that will allow me to increase my protein intake. Most of these kinds of products include milk, egg, and soy. I used to use the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein but, alas, it contains milk, egg, and soy (lechitin). Is this Whey Protein product as harmful to me as I think or can I go ahead and use it as a protein supplement?



I suggest you use a small amount of your Whey Supplement powder to determine what effect, goodor bad, it might have on the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD scar.  TRH

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