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Return Policy

Throughout the entire PDI site this point is emphasized over and over, "Peyronies disease is a very difficult and tenacious problem to treat, and if improvement occurs it will only be with prolonged and persistent treatment."

With this understanding, there can be no return of any of the therapy products because several – many – bottles of many different therapies must be utilized if a person is to hope to achieve improvement in these two problems. If a person just wants to try a few days of treatment, or just a part of a bottle of a supplement, to see what might happen, we suggest they not even start therapy. Better to just stay with your medical plan of doing nothing, than briefly dabble at Alternative Medicine therapy. Only people who are committed to their therapy plan, and intend on extended and aggressive treatment should begin care. Therefore, we offer neither guarantee of results nor return of unused products.

Of course, if a particular product is found to be actually defective please call toll-free at 877-878-8188 to discuss replacement procedures.