How to know which plan to use for Peyronie's treatment?

How to know which plan is suitable for mein medication section?  My condition is similar to bent on the left and hour glass constriction at the base.  I am 40 years old and using size genetics also.


There is no way to know exactly which plan you should use for your Peyronie’s disease.   You start with a plan that makes sense to you, that you can find time in your day to put to good use, that you can afford the expenses, and you begin care.  As you use that plan you monitor the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar for changes.  If you notice changes in your scar, you continue that plan you are using.  If you do not notice changes in your scar, you slowly increase your plan until you do begin to notice scar changes.  It is not complicated.  

Many men find that their Peyronie’s disease started after using a mechanical penis stretching device.  It is my opinion they are all very dangerous. See  Penis Extender Claims and Peyronie’s Disease.

Please review the PDI website for information about a much safer way to treat your problem.  TRH       

Penis Extender Claims and Peyronie’s Disease

Correcting the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease

Many men with Peyronie’s disease are interested in recent advertising promotions reporting that penis extender devices can correct penile curvature. Any man who faces penis surgery because of Peyronies wants to believe this is true.
Penis extender is an advertising term used for a mechanical device that is claimed to increase the length and girth of the penis by applying prolonged traction to the organ. This is supposed to be accomplished by wearing a plastic and metal device on the penis designed to firmly hold onto the head of the penis while using variable length metal rods to apply a traction force away from the body by pushing against the pubic bone of the pelvis. There is no proof that the extender can cause the penis to become larger and remain that way for more than a few weeks. 

In early 2011 there are about 12 companies that manufacture penis extenders, with five of these companies that seem to dominate the market in terms of very aggressive internet marketing. Of the many penis extender devices I have personally evaluated, all are of the same basic design and engineering concept, with only small differences in regard to materials used and design features to hold the head or shaft of the penis while traction forces are applied.  The only great difference amongst this group appears to be in the advertising and promotional claims that they dare to make about the effectiveness of their products.  Prices range from $250 to $430 for the most common models.  

Problems with penis extenders

None of these penis extender companies inform their potential customers in their advertisements that best results are achieved when the device is worn for eight hours a day for six months or longer. That particular information is revealed only in the literature that comes with the penis extenders after the purchase is made.  
Also, none of these penis extender companies reveal that these penis extenders weigh on average just a little over a pound. This is why men who have tried to use the penis extender products as instructed report to me that over a short period of time they experienced a rather rapid break down of the tender penile skin (tissue erosion from compression and rubbing that causes blisters, bruises, (and in some cases Peyronie’s disease).   For this reason a few of the more careful companies (perhaps those who are already been sued for damages) include in the penis extender kit special bandages, extra lamb’s wool padding, antibiotic ointments and instructions to follow when – not if – tissue erosion and bleeding develop after using the penis extender.
All penis extender manufacturers claim that in addition to making the penis larger, their products can be used to treat Peyronie’s disease. However, none of these companies explain how this is accomplished. The closest explanation offered by one company is that “The device produces results by forcing tissues of the penis to expand rather than retract.” This is, of course, nonsense since the problem of Peyronie’s disease is not the tissue has retracted. When something retracts it pulls back, withdraws or pulls in. That is not what happens in Peyronie’s disease.   The problem of Peyronie’s disease is that excessive collagen material is deposited at the a site of suspected penile injury and develops into a mass of scar-like tissue, which in turn prevents expansion of the penile tissue during erection as well as prevents full closure of the penile veins during erection causing reduced ability to achieve a fully hard erection.   
In order to accept the explanation of the penis extender manufacturers you will have to accept the idea that Peyronie’s disease is simply a problem of the penile tissue contracting for some reason they do not explain. They propose that the answer to this problem is to pull on the retracted or contracted tissue, like pulling for a while on a rubber band. This simplistic description and answer to the problem of Peyronie’s disease does not address the well known science surrounding Peyronie’s disease. Anyone who has taken the time to understand his problem will know this does not make sense. This is like saying that if a person is short they can be made taller by using traction that will cause the tissue to “expand rather than retract.”             

Penis extender not Peyronie's treatment

The best things about the penis extender devices for Peyronie’s treatment are that they must be easy to sell because:
            1. Any man would like to believe that the answer to his Peyronie’s problem will also cause his penis to be bigger.
            2. The simple idea that fixing a curved penis is as easy as straightening a bent paper clip must appeal to anyone who is frustrated by the complexity of Peyronies disease.
It should be pointed out that none of the makers of the penis extenders offers a good explanation how this process is supposed to reverse the penile curvature of PD. It is my belief that they have not done so because there is none.  
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