Cost to continue the large or best Peyronie's treatment plan?

Dear Dr.Herazy I have a question. 

I purchased the video of the stretching of the PD from you and would like to purchase the large plan but this has also comes with the video. Can you sell it to me without the video and give me some credit?

Also for how long last the products for the treatment? How much is the additional monthly cost to continue the treatment for one year?? My Urologist put me on pentoxifylline and I taking it already for 2 month but I have seen no improvement. I would like to try your treatment. Thank you.  Please let me know.  Mr. Jetter


Greetings Mr. Jetter,

The gentle PDI Manual Penis Stretching CD is not the same video that is included in the large or medium plan; they are two different videos.  The large and medium Peyronie's treatment plans have the Massage & Exercise video that is different than the stretching video.   To follow the large or medium plan you would still need the Massage & Exercise video. 

When you order the large Peyronie's treatment plan you will never have to purchase the Genesen pointers or the Massage & Exercise video again,so they are a one-time expense.  Also, because you will use such as mall amount of PMD DMSO, Super CP Serum and Unique-E oil for each application, most men only order these three therapy items once every three months or so.  The other items (Vitamin E 400/400, Maxi-Gamma, MSM, Nattokinase, Fibrozym, etc.) are usually reordered every 4-6 weeks, or so.  I estimate that the average man spends about $95-$115 each month resupplying his large plan.  This is just a little more than the estimated $90-110 monthly cost to resupply the medium or better PD plan.  

Please let me know if I can help you during the course of your treatment.  TRH  


How often and for how long do you recommend moist heat for the Peyronie's scars?

How often and for how long do you recommend moist heat for the Peyronies scars?   Thanks, Roger

Greetings Roger, 

Use moist heat prior to the topical or external therapy (DMSO application or especially manual stretching technique) .  For this reason it will be more efficient to perform these together as a group so you do not have to do it several times a day. 

However, it is probably not advisable to use moist heart immediately prior to Genesen therapy since it would easily throw off any level of tissue sensitivity and make it falsely look like EVERY place you touch with the pens are active – when this is not actually true.  You would wind up wasting your time by treating points that did not need it although they appeared to need it.

5-10 minutes is a good time range to apply the heat.  You are only attempting to draw blood to the area of the shaft, and it does not take that long to dilate the blood vessels for that purpose; you are not poaching meat.   TRH  

Is it adviseable to needle the penis directly?

Dr. Herazy,

I am an acupuncturist treating a patient with Peyronie's disease.  I bought your "Peyronie's Disease Handbook,"  hoping you had included specifics on the use of acupuncture, especially whether or not you think it's advisable to needle the penis directly?  I know you advise to not cause additional injury to the penis, but needling near scar tissue on other parts of the body is not contra-indicated, but actually beneficial.

What are your thoughts on this please? My patient is willing to try anything.

Greetings Doctor, 

Yes, needling a superficial scar on other parts of the body is very often beneficial, but the penis is a different part of the body. I would not needle the penis for concern of puncturing the tunica albuginea and further extending his Peyronies problem.  My concept is never to puncture the tunica in an attempt to help this problem. 

However, local treatment has always been an important part of my acupuncture practice, such as the famous Circle the Dragon technique, and that is why I advocate heavy use of the Genesen Acutouch pens to treat the PD lesion in this particular way because it will not risk injuring the patient by avoiding compromise to the tunica.

If you feel required to needle, distal points are always advisable. I do not treat a lot based on Five Elements theory, but I believe you would likely benefit your patient by evaluating for an Excess Wood situation.  Bear in mind that the “Peyronie’s “scar” is not a scar in the traditional sense of being a superficially located skin lesion; it is below the subdermis and within the tunica so the standard methods of needling a scar – that I have done daily for over 35 years – does not apply to PD.  At least, that is how I understand it based on my concept and methodology in guiding Peyronie's treatment.

If you feel obligated to needle, distal points are always advisable such as SP3, SP6, K3, GB34, the master points of the Conception Vessel, Sedation points for the Wood element and and Stimulation points for the Fire element. as well as appropriate Eight Extraordinary Meridian points (Du Mai, Chong mai, Yin Wei mai, etc.)    TRH  

What other therapies or supplements should I consider at this point?

Dear Dr. Herazy:

I just started following the medium or  "better" program for PD. What other therapies or supplements should I consider at this point?

I was thinking about the Genesen Acutouch acupuncture system. Do you think this is a good idea?

If you could give me any thoughts you may have, I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and care, your email was very informative.



Greetings Charles,

My suggestion is that right now you should pay very close attention to the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar, and faithfully follow your current Peyronie's treatment plan.  You should do this for 10-14 days to determine if your medium plan is able to favorably influence your scar.

if it does change your scar then all you need to do is continue with the medium plan just as you are using it until the changes of scar stop or your scar goes away. 

If it does not change your scar then you need to modify your current plan – not add to it – in some way.  With the medium plan this is usually to increase the dosage of MSM, Fibrozym, Nattokinase or Scar-X.  Then you continue for another 10-14 days to see if this plan modification was able to makes changes to the size, shape, density or surface features of your scar.    

if it does change your scar then all you need to do is continue with the modified plan just as you are using it until the changes of scar stop or your scar goes away. 

If it does not change your scar then you need to modify your plan again in some way.  You continue with this slow increase of therapy for a few cycles.  If at this point you have run out of ideas, then please contact me and we can discuss your situation.     

Yes, the Genesen pens are a great therapy for several reasons.  Probably the first is the power of these pens to treat a wide variety of problems; a book is included that lists how to use the Genesen pens to treat over 100 different conditions.  Then you have the ability to duplicate a very expensive level of treatment without incurring a great expense.  Also, you can treat yourself and your acupuncture points more often than you could afford to do so if you were going to the office of a professional.  The Genesen pens are often the difference that boosts therapy results from so-so to significant.  You might consider buying them later if it becomes apparent that you need extra help. 

Let me know how I can help you.   TRH

What can I do to reduce the plaque?

i am 48 years old, and have had peyronie's for approximately 5-6 years from unknown origin (but most likely from a crush injury). my condition has progressed to the point where i have a very significant plague that runs almost the entire length of my penis; the plague quite literally feels like bone, and is located more near the top of my penis (between the outer skin and urethra). my penis is not curved, but rather has shortened (fairly substantially) and has lost significant girth; while my erections are reasonably hard (though not as hard as previous to the condition), the overall size of my penis has reduced quite significantly. in addition, i seem to have lost nearly, if not all feeling in my penis, so much so that when i do have sex w/ my wife, i feel virtually nothing, where it takes me a very long time to reach orgasm, if at all. sadly, i most often fail to reach such; only very rarely am i able to achieve orgasm now. in fact, it is somewhat difficult for me to even know precisely how full/ hard my erection is unless i actually palpate such. i have recently returned to the united states (from living in china), and will now be able to resume taking a fairly substantial series of supplements recommended by you and provided from your company. what can i do to reduce the plaque, and to hopefully regain feeling in my penis? can i ever regain feeling? your assistance is greatly appreciated … eric


Greetings Eric,

Thank you for your detailed description and questions.

I am a bit confused by your description of the location of your plaque (part of your description sounds like your plaque is on the bottom/under side of the shaft and another part sounds like your Peyronie's plaque is on the top/upper surface). 

In my reply I will assume it is on the upper/top surface of the shaft as you are looking down at your erection, since this is by far the most common presentation of plaque that runs the length of the shaft. This plaque location is most often responsible for lost length and girth, such as you describe, and for generalized erectile dysfunction.  Many men with PD experience localized reduction of erectile ability, resulting in soft spots, or nicks or dents or dings in various areas of the shaft.  Yours sounds like the entire shaft is soft, often the result of plaque development within the septum of the penis (the point where the tunica albuginea that is around one corpora cavernosa touches or combines with the tunica albuginea of the other corpora cavernosa).  

Your loss of feeling is not common; most men with Peyronie's disease with have little trouble with loss of sensation.  While lost penile sensation could be due to other factors unrelated to PD, I will assume it is related to the central location of your plaque compromising your nerve supply.   If this is true, and I have no way of knowing for a fact that it is since I have not examined you, I assume that your penile sensation should return once your plaque is reduced.  Besides reduced reduction of sexual sensation, do you also notice general loss of sensation to light touch or pain (as when you pinch the skin of penis)? 

You ask what you can do to reduce the plaque.  I saw in today's list of orders that you purchased a large assortment of internal therapies (Acetyl-L-carnitine, MSM, Neprinol, Omega T, Quercetin-Bromelain, Factor 400/400 and Maxi-Gamma).   However, you did not order any internal therapies (PMD DMSO, Unique-E oil, Super CP Serum, or Genesen Acutouch pointers).  Both internal and external therapies are necessary for effective treatment.  It is also necessary that you follow the dietary modifications outlined in "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" to keep your blood pH toward the alkaline side.  The stretching video contains detailed information how to address plaque formation found within the septum, such as you have.  All of these therapies must be applied at the same time to achieve best results.    

You will probably have to modify your plan to achieve favorable changes to the size, shape, density and surface features of your plaque.  Do not be slow in making those changes to your plan when you see that after 10-14 days of treatment the plaque is not responding.  For this reason it is absolutely critical that you clearly can identify the size, shape, density and surface features of your plaque.  I know I might sound like a broken record when I continue to repeat this, but if you do not know these four aspects of your plaque description, you are only guessing at your treatment.  Please, do not guess. Know what is going on down there below your belt and you will have an excellent way to direct and guide your therapy toward the greatest degree of success of which you are capable.

Please stay in close contact with me as you begin your self-directed therapies.  Let me know of any problem or questions that arise, and I will be happy to offer you information and ideas for your consideration.  TRH

How to Change Peyronie’s Treatment If Not Effective

In 2002 I started working exclusively with men who have Peyronie’s disease.  Since that time I have noticed a common pattern with men about 6-8 weeks after the start of their treatment with Alternative Medicine.  This pattern occurs no matter the size of the PD treatment plan a man uses, or even with some personalized modification of a standard PDI plan based on personal needs.

It seems that after seeing some initial changes in the size, shape, density or surface quality of their scars at about 6-8 weeks of treatment, improvement and progress will often level off or plateau.  It seems that most men assume that all recovery and progress remains on a level and constant course, like putting your foot on the accelerator of a car.  When they begin to notice their improvement has slowed down or stopped, they are stumped about what to do next.  They will not know what to do with their current plan to improve it or modify it to assure continuation of those early positive changes.

Time and again I have seen this pattern:  Start care, make progress, slow down or stoppage of progress.  What must be done is some modification of the initial treatment (usually increase of treatment in some way) to again stimulate the healing capability of the tissue.  This can be expressed as: Increase care by increasing current therapy or adding new therapy, re-stimulate immune response, make additional progress, monitor for next slow down.  What happens after the next slow down or stoppage can be expressed in the same way:  Increase care again in a same or different way, re-stimulate immune response, monitor for next slow down, and so on.

This process of exactly how to slowly modify Peyronie’s treatment to increase activity of the immune response against the PD scar is where the day-today challenge is found – and it is not easy.

Peyronie’s treatment plateau of progress

It is common for a man who experiences his first plateau of progress to think only in terms of adding more therapies to his treatment lineup to re-energize his recovery.   If he has gotten good results from a medium size PD plan, he will assume he must add one or more therapies that are not part of his current plan – like PABA, or the Genesen pointers, or acetyl-L-carnitine, or Unique-E vitamin E oil as an external application or the gentle manual penis stretching technique, etc.  However, this is usually not necessary and not the best course of action.

From my experience, to help you get off your plateau and begin progressing again toward additional recovery it is best to work within the same group of therapies that was good enough to create your initial improvement.  This is usually accomplished by slowly and carefully increasing the dosage of one of those therapy items a little at a time.  If you develop any unusual problem/symptom while increasing your dosage, simply stop taking the product for 48 hours, and restart from the next lower dose.  When you reach the highest dose where you had no problem or symptom, stay at that dosage level for a few weeks.  After 2-3 weeks without problems, then slowly increase the dosage until you are at the desired level.  You will know you are taking the correct effective dose when you begin to see improvement in your scar size, shape, density or surface texture.

Modify slowly and deliberately

If no improvement or change occurs in the features of your scar after being on the increased dosage for about 14 days, then increase the dosage again.  Repeat this process until you begin to note improvement in your scar size, shape, density or surface texture.

Only after you have attempted to increase all therapies singly, and have attempted to increase several therapies together as a group, and all have shown to be unsuccessful should you then consider expanding the number of different therapies you use – like adding in PABA, or the Genesen pointers, or acetyl-L-carnitine, or Unique-E oil as an external application or the gentle manual penis stretching technique, etc. to your Peyronie’s treatment plan.

Peyronie’s Treatment Sensations

Strange reaction to Peyronies therapy

Every now and then I get a question about the variety of unusual sensations and reactions that men notice during Peyronie’s treatment, or immediately after, a particular therapy used in Peyronies treatment.  These are the Peyronie’s disease therapies most often associated with this kind of response:

  1. Genesen Acutouch Pointers
  2. Manual stretching method found on the CD
  3. DMSO PMD formula
  4. Super CP Serum copper peptide ointment

Most often the sensation is described as a “tingling” or “aching” or “electrical” sensation in or near the area of treatment.  It can be felt during or within the hour any of these therapies are applied.  The intensity can be variable from time to time it is felt; sometimes very mild and hardly noticeable, and at other times enough to wake a person from a sound sleep. Sometimes the response occurs each time the treatment is done, and for other men the reaction occurs every now and then at irregular times.

If you experience this kind of reaction in the area of your Peyronie’s scar, do not become alarmed. It is common and usually signals some good response to your Peyronie’s treatment as changes are occurring in the condition of the scar.

This is not something that has been studied much in the scientific literature since those researchers prescribing drugs or standard medical procedures for PD do not get the kind of reactions and responses that occur while following the Peyronie’s Disease Institute therapy principles.  They do not report this kind of reaction because they do not make the kind of rapid changes that are seen in men using the PDI protocols.

Therefore, there is no research that has been done to explain this phenomenon.  It is my theory that these reactions are due to the rapid changes that take place in the tissue in and around the scar material.  During or after a particular Peyronie’s treatment a change may occur in the tension and length of the otherwise contracted scar material of the penis.  These alterations of tension and position of the tissue layers could easily explain the unusual sensations that occur. I find from my own treatment experience, and that of other men who have had improvement in their Peyronie’s disease, that these “moving” or “tingling” or “aching” sensations appear when the scar is undergoing some level of change (improvement).  Many men come to count on the appearance of these changes to herald improvement of their scars from time to time.

It is most probably NOT just one therapy or just the one product causing this usual sensation.   It is closer to the truth to say that these sensations are the sum total of all the synergistic efforts that are included in your therapy plan. The problem (a good problem) with using so many of these therapies together is that you will never be able to accurately say which one did the most or least for you.   A synergistic Alternative Medicine therapy plan is a group effort, with all therapies making some contribution to whatever happens to you.

Please email your questions about Peyronie’s disease treatment to this blog.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment with Genesen Acutouch Pointers

Genesen Acutouch pens for Peyronie’s treatment

So many readers of the Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Blog use the Genesen Acutouch therapy pens and report good tissue changes after Peyronie’s treatment with them. For this reason this blog commentary will focus on basic techniques and concepts for their correct use.  Please recall that these Genesen Acutouch pens are the same professional quality instruments used to deliver acupuncture treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

Many people ask about treating the Peyronies plaque with them, wanting to know if it is better to use the holders that come with the pens or to just hold both pens manually.

The answer is that either methods will work for Peyronies treatment, depending upon each person’s particular response to the therapy. While there is a lot of research behind the development and use of the Genesen Acutouch Pointers by the Korean manufacturer, I would start out closely following their guidelines. Most men find using the Genesen pen holders is more comfortable and convenient, although some say the rigid distance that the holders mandate is not as effective for them as a slightly greater/lesser distance.  Each user must feel free to experiment with the Genesen Acutouch instruments or pens – be creative – and use the approach that delivers the greatest “reaction” that is described on the PDI website.

Some men get confused about pen tip placement around the Peyronies scar. It is important to remember to keep the pen tips 1/8 to ¼” from the edges of scar.  If a scar is ¼” in size, that means your pointers are rather close to each other, and if a scar is 3” in size your pointers are considerably farther apart.  The idea is to get the pens to deliver the current through the substance of the scar – whatever its size.   Since the manufacturer’s holder keeps them 1 1/2 inches apart, I would work with that distance too, especially if the scar is smaller than 1¼” in size.   Even if it is pea-size, try keeping the pens in the holder and stay farther away than the 1/8 to ¼” distance from the edges that I just mentioned.  You see, there are no rules, just guidelines that should eventually result in greater reactivity.  Break most any rule I give you about the Genesen pens, to see if you can generate a stronger or more dependable reaction.  Stand on your head in the corner, if it seems to give you the greatest response.

The Genesen pens are extremely popular for good reason; they are effective, easy to use, inexpensive compared to going to an acupuncturist at $90-$125 a visit, and very convenient to use in the privacy of your own home.

Each set of Genesen pens comes with my own 10 pages of notes that I created for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. These outline some very common and popular treatment protocols. Any of these could be used by an acupuncturist who might easily needle these for you. The big advantage of the Genesen pens is that you can treat yourself in this very same manner, any time of the day or night, and several times a week, as you wish.  You can really concentrate your treatment with frequent care for best results, without going broke.

Consider adding the Genesen Acutouch pens to your therapy lineup if you are not seeing the kind of results you want.