Are there supplements to prevent me from contracting Peyronie's disease?

Hi Dr. Herazy.

I don’t have PD, but do have a slight curvature to the left. I had a multitude of sexual problems at one time (needed penile revascularization operation for ED)  and as a result am very paranoid of developing a condition like Peyronies.

The testimonials on your website were very encouraging to read to say the least! I am wondering if there are any supplements I could purchase that would help prevent me from ever contracting the disease?

Best of luck to you in your continuing work to battle this terrible condition.

Thank you kindly,


Greetings Ian,

Prevention is an area that is not only completely untested, but next to impossible to prove.  As a suggestion I would consider trying Neprinol for a few months to determine if you can realize some indirect health benefits like improved circulation, increased stamina, reduced blood pressure, etc.   TRH   

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