What do you think of adding potassium iodide (SSKI) to my Peyronies treatment plan?

Can potassium-iodide mixed with DMSO speed up my healing of my scar?

I am applying DMSO together with Unique vitamin E and Super CP Serum daily to my scar as you suggested.

However recently I read a post that claims adding potassium-iodide (also called SSKI to the DMSO will help reducing the scar as well. Is this something you could confirm as a good strategy?




Greetings Rik,

No, I do not think it is a good strategy.

I have heard of SSKI (potassium iodide) for treatment of Peyronie’s disease.  That information comes from the website of Jonathan V. Wright, MD of the Tohoma Clinic.   He has some interesting things to say about it.  He is an intelligent and provocative author.  I like his work, and he is a good man.  I just have a difference of opinion with Dr. Wright in this particular area.

However, there is a problem with the idea of using SSKI for PD:   Dr. Wright is the only one saying it.  His concepts and opinions might very well be correct, and SSKI might be the best therapy imaginable for PD.  But I doubt it.  Why?  Because, from what I can determine, there has been absolutely no research or study of this subject for PD or DC by anyone at any time.  It is all conjecture and theory, even if it is interesting and makes sense, it is still unfounded at this time.  It is a far more unfounded idea than anything you will find on the PDI website.

The intent of PDI is not to present all Alternative Medicine therapies for your review just because they are non-medicinal in nature.  We do not advocate what we advocate simply because they are “natural” or easy to acquire without a prescription.   Those therapies you find on the PDI website are there simply because there has been research (often a lot of it) that supports the use of a particular Alt Med therapies for PD, in spite of the fact that there is in addition contradictory research to the positive findings.  We take the position that a least we are using those therapies that have satisfied a considerable percent of researchers to suggest the possibility of adequate efficacy.  If taken as a group, in aggressive doses and high combinations, we stand a good chance of creating sufficient synergy to initiate a healing response in the body.

SSKI does not fall into that description.  It has not been studied.  When it is studied and receives a positive review from several independent sources we will likely consider adding it to the lineup.

Keep reading Dr. Wright’s articles, he has a lot of good information for all of us.

In the meantime, why are you still looking at things that are so marginal when there is a wide swath of therapies with some level of proven veracity at your disposal that you are not using?         TRH

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