Peyronie’s Disease Impotence

Peyronie’s Impotence facts

There are several reasons why Peyronie’s disease impotence (erectile dysfunction) develops in about 75 percent of the men who have this condition. Peyronie’s disease impotence can be mild or total, it can be occasional or constant, but it is extremely common for men with Peyronie’s disease to experience sexual intercourse performance problems or alteration of erection strength.

Impotence is defined as the continual inability to sustain an erection long enough or strong enough for sexual intercourse or the inability to achieve ejaculation, or both. Peyronie’s disease impotence is the erectile dysfunction that develops due to abnormal changes in the penis that are part of Peyronie’s disease.

Most people assume that Peyronie’s impotence develops due to lack of blood flow to the organ. This might be true in especially in those cases in which the man has an underlying problem with the cardiovascular system (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, vascular disease, diabetes, etc.) In other men , another occasional cause of Peyronie’s disease impotence is emotional. Because of the reduced self esteem, shame, embarrassment and anger related to penile distortion and reduced length and girth of the organ, a man can develop strong emotional reactions expressed as Peyronie’s impotence. However, for most men the primary cause of Peyronie’s disease impotence is simply due to what is known as “venous leakage.”

Peyronie’s impotence fundamentals

In a great number of cases of Peyronie’s disease impotence the fundamental problem is that the blood is no longer being trapped by the veins of the penis to dam it up to create the greater fluid pressure of an erection. The problem is that the veins of a man with Peyronie’s disease do not close to trap blood well. This imperfect or absent closing is caused in great part by the presence of the Peyronie’s scar. The scar acts like something that is blocking a door from closing. That is where therapy should be directed in Peyronie’s disease impotence – toward removal of the scar so the veins can close to allow a normal erection to develop.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to directly treat Peyronie’s impotence is with an Erektor. An Erektor is an external penile support device that offers just enough gentle support to the penis – even without an erection – to hold it for easy penetration to allow intercourse to continue as long as the couple desires. The Erektor allows men to perform full quality intercourse without erectile medications or supplements. Unlike ED medications, the Erektor is safe because it has no drug side effects.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute is proud to be the only company to serve as an authorized distributor of the Erektor. For those couples who must deal with the frustration of Peyronie’s disease impotence, the Erektor is often the only thing that helps.

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