Peyronie’s Cure is Where You Find It

Looking at Peyronie’s treatment differently

While it is generally agreed there is no such thing as a Peyronies cure, PDI has shown since 2002 that it is certainly possible to reverse the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease with Alternative Medicine when it is done in the correct way.  This concept is so different than what is promoted on the internet it could be called a new Peyronie’s treatment methodology.

Peyronie’s disease is primarily concerned with the dreaded fibrous Peyronie’s plaque or internal scar material that can cause a variable degree of penile curvature, pain, sex problems, and reduced penis size.  Any true Peyronie’s treatment must address the issue of the fibrous scar.  Yet, when men are first diagnosed by a medical doctor they are told there is no known cause of Peyronies disease and no Peyronie’s cure.

Just because the medical profession does not have a drug as a standard Peyronie’s disease treatment, they have assumed the position there is no such thing as a Peyronie’s cure.  For this reason MDs do not like to treat Peyronie’s disease.  The average medical doctor, even a urologist, has few options for anyone with PD, other than Peyronie’s disease surgery – which often has poor results.

Peyronie’s disease treatment

The current accepted Peyronie’s disease treatment in a medical office is to do nothing for the first one or two years, while waiting for the Peyronie’s problem to either get better or worse on its own.  This is the wait-and-see approach to Peyronie’s treatment is frustrating and irritating to any man who wakes up one morning with the curved penis of Peyronies.

While the medical establishment maintains there is no effective Peyronie’s disease treatment, the Peyronie’s Disease Institute has worked since 2002 using Alternative Medicine in a unique way that proves this is not true.  There is a simple and direct method to for Peyronie’s disease treatment that is either misunderstood or overlooked by the medical profession.  Those who follow the Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment concepts sometimes even call it a Peyronie’s cure.

Daily I communicate with angry and defeated men who get no help from the medical profession, who are neglected and given no hope or information to help themselves with their Peyronie’s problem.   Men speak of feeling like Peyronie’s orphans.

One of the basic questions of Peyronie’s disease treatment is this:  “If my medical doctor says there is nothing that can be done for me, other than surgery, what does that really mean to me?  For those who are comfortable with thinking independently, they must decide if there are options outside of medicine that the neighborhood MD does not know about, or even care about.

Natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute was started in 2002 by Dr. Theodore Herazy after he successfully cured his own severe PD with Alternative Medicine.  His early experiments with herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other safe natural remedies showed exciting promise for Peyronies help.  Over the years he has guided and counseled hundreds of men each year through the treatment maze toward elimination of the scar and distortion of a Peyronie’s penis.  It is not always an easy assignment, and when it is done incorrectly or without needed gusto it falls short of the desired outcome.   But when a man uses all of the tools available to him in a faithful and aggressive manner, the results can be dramatic and prompt.   It is estimated that about 80% of men with Peyronie’s disease who follow a large plan according to the outline provided on the PDI website, see from moderate to great success in reduction of penile curvature and elimination of the Peyronie’s plaque material.

Even though the medical profession says it can’t be done – it happens anyway because the body knows how to heal itself.  Using the Peyronie’s Disease Institute concepts, you will be able to assist and stimulate that natural healing response that some people call a Peyronie’s cure.


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