Do I need your book or a doctor?

Thanks Doctor, I’m 64 and do a lot of heavy exercise. Yesterday I got a hard-on ….and for the first time time there was a break (left bend in the bottom third of my penis).  Do I need your book or a doctor? Thanks. Mike Adler


Greetings Mike,

What you really need is to know for sure what is going on with that bent penis.  The best way to do that should be to go to a doctor for an examination and diagnosis.  The problem is often that the doctor does not know, does not want to take the time, or does not seem to care about dealing with Peyronie’s disease.  Even after a medical examination it is common for a man to still be unsure if he has a correct diagnosis. 

To help you along this line of thought I suggest you read two blog posts that I did a while back.  The first is  Disorders of the penis besides Peyronie’s disease. This will give you an idea of what other problems you could be dealing with that could cause the sudden bend in your penis.  The second is Who is a Peyronie’s disease expert?.  This will give you some insight about the medical visit to have your penis examined. 

I suggest that you get a very good medical examination or at least in some way come to a point where you are confident with the condition going on below your belt.  It is not always easy, however, so be prepared.

If you wish to learn more about treating PD I urge that you start with the book I wrote, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”  It will ground you so you know how to deal with PD from a physical and mental standpoint, treatment concepts, how to develop the essential skill of determining the size, shape, density and surface features of your Peyronie’s plaque, and how to avoid doing things that can cause additional injury to yourself. 

Let me know if I can help you in any way. Good luck.  TRH

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