Penis extender or stretcher as a Peyronie’s therapy

Can a mechanical penis traction device cure Peyronie’s disease?

In the early months of my Peyronies problem I bought two penis stretcher devices.  Even back in 2002 these mechanical traction devices were expensive; as I recall one was $229 and the other $349.  Their promotion was strong and promised a lot, and the websites looked very medical and slick.  I reasoned if I could eliminate my Peyronie’s disease by getting a bigger penis, what a great deal that would be.   The cost seemed rather high for something that looked so small and simple, and had been around a long time when it was sold as a penis enlargement device.  But again I reasoned that if it helped by curved penis I would gladly pay double that and more.

What man doesn’t want to believe that the answer to his Peyronie’s disease involves making his penis larger?  That is like telling an alcoholic that the way to get rid of a hangover is to drink another beer.  He would like to believe that kind of solution.  All of this would be fine, except that beer aggravates alcoholism and penis stretchers cause deep injury to the penis that can cause or aggravate Peyronie’s disease.

The first penis stretcher I purchased hurt me like crazy after wearing for less than an hour; I never used it again.  So I purchased the second penis traction device that was more expensive than the first, thinking  it would be a better  design – and I was wrong.  It looked remarkably like the first one, except it was made with cheaper material.   After less than a full day of use I developed a deep blister that took weeks to heal.

It was difficult to believe that the instructions that came with both units  said to wear the penis stretcher for eight hours a day, when I after  just minutes of use I was in a lot of pain.  Besides, each traction device made my pants stick out.  There was no way I could use either traction device outside where people could see me, so I was forced to use use it while I was trying to sleep in bed.  After a few more brief painful attempts I was forced to admit I had wasted a lot of money on my education that mechanical penis traction is a fundamentally flawed idea.

Since that time I have communicated by phone and email with perhaps hundreds of men who related similar or identical experiences as mine.  Many men who contacted me about their Peyronie’s disease problems said they were convinced that their Peyronie’s disease started after they injured their penis while trying to increase their penis size with a penis extender or mechanical stretcher.   After my own folly with the penis extenders I can easily understand how that could easily happen to a man who repeatedly injures himself with one of them.

Other men I have spoke to about these penis stretching schemes say they cannot use them.  The injury to the penis is simple to understand if you think about it.  The head (glans) of the penis MUST be held firmly enough in a penis stretcher in order to develop traction force, otherwise there is no good way to hold the head to apply traction.   Since there is no good way to get a grip on the head it must be squeezed tight enough to apply traction with the stretcher.  This kind of forceful pressure applied to one area at the glans can cause tissue damage and it can be very painful.  Men report to me they can only wear it for a few minutes or an hour at a time.  Bruises, open sores or blisters can develop in a short time.  The manufacturer says it should be worn several hours or more per day.  from my experience and the vast majority of men I communicate with, most men could do this.

If this problem of open sores and deep bruising being created by the use of these penis stretchers, the manufacturers would not include detailed information in their brochures about how to treat open wounds and infections caused by the stretchers, and they would not include information about wearing bandages and extra padding on the penis to prevent bruises and open sores.  But the fact is they actually include instructions and warning about using bandages, ointment, and extra padding to reduce tissue trauma.  You will find they must advise how to try to avoid kind of injury – they must because they try to prevent law suits that have occurred because these are common problems with the stretchers.  for obvious reason they do not tell you about these problems before you buy the stretchers, only after you have spent your money. 

In my work since 2002 counseling men with Peyronie’s disease I have investigated all of these penis traction devices.  I have not found any significant or important difference between them; they are all basically the same from a functional standpoint, with no important difference on which to base an opinion that one mechanical device is greatly different than another – except one does seem to charge a lot more money.

During the past few years more manufacturers are entering the penis stretcher market.   This might be explained by the fact that these penis extenders are simple plastic and metal devices that sell for around $275 or so, yet it seems that the simple hardware could not cost more than $15-20 to buy. The design has not changed in years, and has not changed since they were promoted as a way to develop a larger penis, so research cannot be part of the cost of these units.

There are also physical reasons that can be explained by simple every-day physics why these mechanical penis stretchers cannot work, for the same reason you cannot tear a sheet of toilet paper in between the perforations – but that is another subject all together.